Compilation Engagements

Compilation Engagements

Small and medium businesses may find themselves in positions where they need compilation engagements. This action, also known as a Notice to Reader (NTR), is the most common financial statement type for businesses. Bevan and Partners Chartered Accountants have contributed services to our small and medium business friends for over 70 years.

What Is Involved in a Compilation Engagements

NON-GAAP Financial Statements that do not involve professional opinion or assurance. Our Chartered Professional Accountants compile your financial data into a set of financial statements that will be used for internal business use and to file taxes to CRA

Limits of This Engagement

Our accounting professionals will use their skills to prepare your financial statements in a reasonable way within accepted practices. It does not have the opinion or assurance that higher level engagements carry. Your completed documentation will come with an Engagement letter that reflects the nature and scope of this action.

With this type of accounting service, the management of the client company maintains responsibility for the financial actions of the organization. Higher reviews of investigation like review engagements or audits change the nature of the procedure. While third party entities prefer these inquiries, they could be more than what your business needs.

As Chartered Professional Accountants, we have a duty and desire to consult with you in order to find the proper financial services your business needs. As community members, we are committed to helping our neighbors succeed in their businesses. Contact us today to discover what Bevan and Partners Chartered Professional Accountants can do for your business.