Review Engagements

Review Engagements

In the normal course of business, stakeholders and lenders need assurances on the financial stability of your operation. Review engagements give them peace of mind without having to endure the audit process. As Chartered Professional Accountants in Brooks, Alberta, we have provided this service to our community since 1950.

Defining a Review Engagement

This accounting procedure has a different purpose than an audit. The purpose is to ascertain the plausibility of a not-for-profit or private business’s financial statements. Our team will review your financial statements. They will also hold discussions with you to determine how reasonable your records are.

After the assessment, if everything rings true, our chartered professional accountants will provide a report. This report will prove that a negative assurance procedure was performed according to the high standards of the Canadian Standard on Review Engagements (CSRE) 2400.

In this type of review, “negative” refers to the idea of financial statements being believable. In audit scenarios, positive assurance is given when the auditor can show an accurate description of the company’s financial situation. Review engagements focus on the absence of misstatements.

What Bevan and Partners Chartered Accountants Will Do for You

Our CPAs have the training and experience to use proper professional judgment to perform all necessary tasks to complete a thorough examination. The analytical procedures and inquiries needed to comply with the CSRE 2400 are complex. Our accounting experts will provide documentation that is above reproach.

For further inquiries, contact our team to initiate your review. For this type of procedure, you will want a firm with a stellar reputation and exemplary team of professionals.