GST Preparation and Filing

GST Preparation and Filing

A major part of your business tax accounting is keeping your Goods and Services Tax (GST) managed and in good order. Collecting and submitting federal sales tax with punctual accuracy is crucial to avoid negative taxation repercussions. Bevan and Partners Chartered Professional Accountants have been helping our community businesses with their GST filing requirements since the inception of GST in 1991.

Avoid Uncertainty and Over-payment

Even though the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) sets the rate for Goods and Services Tax, it does not take much to lose track of the GST amounts required to remit. With the volume of transactions your business handles, a lost receipt or a miscalculation can throw your GST calculations off track. This can leave you feeling uncertain about the GST to remit on sales and what to claim on expenses.

Our Chartered Professional Accountants will make sure your federal sales tax is calculated precisely, to assure you are not over remitting to the CRA. Proper GST calculations on business expenses will result in your business receiving the maximum GST refund available.

The Benefits of Engaging Our Services

As accounting and taxation professionals, we are specialized to assist your business in compiling accurate Goods and Sales Tax information and filing your completed GST returns on time to CRA.

Our Goods and Services Tax service include, but are not limited to:

  • Obtaining a GST number for first-time filers
  • Calculating GST collected and GST paid (ITC) for the required filing period – monthly, quarterly, annually.
  • Compiling and filing GST returns to CRA by the required due date
  • GST on land sales and real estate transactions
  • Represent your business if the Goods and Services Tax Administration have any questions

For further details, contact us today to discuss how our partnering with our firm can ease your company’s tax concerns.