Personal Tax Planning & Preparation

Personal Tax Planning & Preparation

When preparing your personal income tax for April 30th, tax planning should be the main component of the process. Each year, many Canadians miss out on eligible deductions. Bevan and Partners Certified Professional Accountants have the experience and training to help you plan your tax preparation process for the highest refund possible.

Using Our Knowledge for Your Tax Benefit

Our accounting staff has advised people for over 70 years on the most current tax regulations. This has resulted in our clients paying the minimum tax costs. We do this by understanding the taxation system at all levels and making sure you only pay what you should.

There are situations where people overpay due to not knowing what they are eligible for. Our Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) are required to stay on top of yearly changes to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), provincial government, and other municipal authority income tax code changes.

An Accurate, Expedient Tax Service Unique to Your Needs

Accurate and expedient filing of your individual taxes to the CRA is essential. Our extensive knowledge and decades of know-how in personal tax preparation ensures that your income tax filing will be completed accurately and sent to all government agencies on time.

Our tax services include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual tax return filing
  • Sole proprietor taxation filing in industries like agriculture, small business, home-based business, and contractors.
  • Employment expenses
  • Representation on your behalf concerning any question the CRA may have on your personal tax returns

Contact us today to see how our accounting firm can create a tax plan strategy for your tax preparation this year.